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Technology Partnership

Houston, January 25, 2023

iCaravel is partnering with Intrepid Resources LLC to extract value from its core competencies including asset management, development, and operations through adoption of digital technology.

​Intrepid Resources LLC was formed in 2022 by a highly experienced and diverse group of energy industry professionals to pursue acquisitions of oil and gas producing properties in developing areas, onshore North America.

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Technology Partnership

London, September 1, 2021

iCaravel Lda. and Imperial Consultants, a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial College London, signed an Agreement for Consultancy Services in digital technologies to enable data entitlement — to be provided, on an independent basis, by researchers from Imperial’s Department of Computing. The collaboration between iCaravel and the research team from Imperial College is receiving technical support from Schlumberger, a leading technology company in the global energy industry. The project consists of proving the feasibility of a ledger-based system using blockchain with smart contracts to reference and entitle large data sets. By ensuring traceability and compliance, the digital technologies selected are expected to benefit multiple industries by addressing use cases associated with large commercial data assets.

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Enabling Seismic Data Entitlement

August 1, 2021

In 2019, the global market size for multi-client seismic, a preferred means of access of seismic data for exploration operators, was approximately USD 2.5 billion. In the multi-client business model, a geophysical contractor invests capital, undertakes to perform all regulatory procedures, and provides the technology and domain expertise to plan and execute the seismic survey from inception to delivery. For the exploration company as potential customer, the access to quality data provides an alternative to proprietary acquisition of new seismic surveys.

Managing seismic data entitlement, however, is complex and labor intensive. Processes implemented by geophysical contractors tend to be inconsistent and time consuming. Automated approaches have been proposed, including systems using distributed ledger technology (blockchains), where the functionality for matching the digitally encoded rights of content owners and the request for use by a customer are checked for compliance in a smart contract.

​According to EAGE, there exists an opportunity to use blockchain combined with smart contracts to enhance data integrity and contract control in seismic services contracts. Further, an implementation of blockchain and smart contracts at the industry level will help improve standards and potentially create a common digital platform for the industry, making contracts easier to administer and control.

In collaboration with a team of independent researchers from Imperial College London (UK), commissioned via Imperial Consultants, iCaravel is sponsoring a proof of concept (POC) to enhance seismic data entitlement in the oil & gas industry through the development of digital solutions based on blockchain and smart contract technologies.

Enabling Seismic Data Entitlement
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